1 January 2014

[STICKY]  Welcome to my on-again, off-again civic blog. As of early 2014, I’m mostly off (in terms of regular posting), but I will be sharing resources from time to time.

ST-Curbside Chat-500

SAVE THE DATE!  The NDDC has invited the Strong Towns organization to Northfield for one of their “Curbside Chats”.  The event will be held on Monday, February 17, 5:30-7:30 pm, in the Archer House Riverview Conference Room on the lower level.  The Curbside Chats are designed specifically for city officials and community leaders, but the public is welcome (and, I might add, has voices that need to be heard).

The presentation and discussion will cover:

  • Demographic and economic triggers forcing changes in the way we grow and develop
  • The “dead ideas” we need to overcome in order to make wise decisions
  • What the coming new economy is likely to look like at the local level
  • What communities can do to position themselves for renewed prosperity

I’ve been a fan of Strong Towns since I first became familiar with their work a few years ago, largely because they take a decidedly non-partisan approach to issues, which I appreciate, especially when dealing with local issues. They also advocate for a grass-roots, citizen-driven approach to change, rather than a top-down model.

Recent media coverage of Strong Towns’ activity includes the Atlantic Cities piece on Strong Towns’ road design ideas, the National Resources Defense Council’s Building resilient cities through fiscal conservatism, and a summary of a Curbside Chat in Aspen, CO.

I know it will be a very interesting, insightful, and challenging conversation, and I hope there will be a good turnout, with many points of view represented.  There’s also a Facebook page for the event. Hope to see you there!